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December 31, 2007


Chris Ward

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool IBMer (SWG Development) and I find it hard to think about dividing my effort between multiple causes.

Inside IBM, we have these classifications ...

IBM Confidential : things like Websphere source code. You can have access to this by agreement with the owning manager.

IBM Internal Use Only : things like BluePages, the directory whereby you can find an IBMer with a specialism in every field under the sun. All IBMers can have this; no non-IBMers can.

Unclassified : the material on 'developerWorks', manuals for Websphere on the Boulder web site, etc.

I'm glad you can divide your time in three, and for two-thirds of it you can cut yourself off from the IBM internal resources. But it must be hard.

Rather like being unable to be a salesman for Coke and for Pepsi at the same time. For me, I have to choose which master to serve.

Harry Brand

My personal experience has been that if you do have a very good innovative idea, it is very difficut to find anyone at IBM to discuss it with.

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