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November 12, 2007


Chris Ward

We're in the middle of a transition driven disruptively by Lotus Symphony http://symphony.lotus.com/ . I see a certain reluctance to hand them out , to customers and non-customers alike.

Intellectually, I think we know it's like giving out free cellphones. Sooner or later, some people will inquire about dial-tone service, and we sell that.

But we're so used to things being labelled 'For Internal Use Only' that we haven't properly thrown the shackles off yet.

We'll get there. A small push in the right direction might help. Only a small, friendly push, though, please.

Srinagesh Eranki

A very insightful article. As you rightly point out, "Enterprises are becoming more open, networked, dynamic and collaborative, so they can better address the requirement of a fast changing and unpredictable marketplace."

The challenge with innovation has always been that holding all the pieces doesn't guarantee that the magic will happen. I would be interested in your thoughts on how to spark that creativity. What are your thought regarding company-sponsored out-of-the-box time (e.g. Google's "20 percent time")?


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