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July 09, 2007


Padmanabha Rao

A Virtual Enterprise will have to aim for the global market (as one market) to build and maintain trust, I think. Defining sub-markets is a tried and tested method to erode trust.

Anne Johnson


"that the people and organizations across the extended supply chain – who must necessarily be empowered to make countless decisions on their own, without top-down supervision – share a common set of core values that shape their actions and decisions."

The creation and maintainance of a "common set of core values" needs to happen across the supply chain - it also needs to extend to users/customers, since it helps if they also share context and have similar expectations. Over on Global Neighbourhoods,
Shel Israel is conducting a survey about Social media; it would seem that companies which can master the concept of social media (not necessarily a particular instance of it, whether blogging, wikis, forums, etc) have a head start on ways to create and share core values. HP did this successfully in the late 80s, with an internal implementation of Usenet.


It seems that the discussion is geared towards manufacturing... how about programming? Many companies today do not have an extra programmer around so they outsource these tasks.

How do you do you cultivate the "common set of core values" when you never met these individuals and they've never met your company... How was it done before (before offshoring that is).

It seems to me that if a function (be it programming, manufacturing etc) is really important to your company then outsourcing is not an option.

It is a real challenge to balance between outsourcing and in house management.

Morris Young

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Very interesting post.I think defining sub-markets is a tried and tested method to erode trust..

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