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September 18, 2006



The growing importance of interpretation for innovation is a fact and I am glad to read what you just wrote. Few managers are ready to agree to that for the moment but the change is on its way.
My consulting practice has been based on this principle for years now and it strikes me how evident and efficient innovation becomes when you let reality and facts speak for themselves.
Interpretation will always be richer than rational thinking and analysis. This idea is not new ; it reminds me of Shakespeare writing in Hamlet : "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy".


There is one missing point here - there must be a leader within every group who coordinates the actions and set up the goals. People are different and social networks won't help them a lot if there will be no true leaders. The hardest thing is to make them see the common goal.


The road to innovation can be weaved in many ways, the analytical sweeps away the dust of illogical or irrational ideas and sifts for little gems of gold. The only problem with the analytical approach is the gold-dust it might inadvertently throw away.

The interpretive is a melting rather than a dusting and the gold will emerge, but unlike the sifting of the analytical, the interpretive approach requires heat and logic and rationality do not favour emotion or anything that stirs the soul to turn imagination into a furnace of possibilities. In the end, I do believe that interpretive innovators do exist in a far greater number than most organizations realize.

I know this because when I visit their homes, I see their ingenuity in their home projects not their work projects. Corporations who sift therefore miss the heat of innovation which their most intelligent employees take home with them.

Employees innovate at home without any corporate reward or recognition, other than the heat of a human spirit which confirms cerebral validity and thus interpretive innovation mostly ends up becoming a domesticated rather than workplace reality.


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